Third Installment of Aim of Cosmic Engineering

NOTE: Continuing with my idea of making use of this blog “Gospel According to Beelzebub,” which I closed few months ago, to share with my readers installments of my forthcoming book “A Treatise on Cosmic Engineering: A book of Transmutation and Initiation Written According to Law” I now present the third installment of the first segment, “The Aim of Cosmic Engineering.”

Contemporary civilization, with its emphasis on the development of the artificial at the expense of the natural, (as well as the uniformity of the prevailing educational process), only fosters the engendering and development of automatons.

The result of this state of affairs manifests itself in man’s inner world as a tendency to allow himself to be devoured by contemporary civilization’s “Great Machine.”  This is further evidenced in his external world by the cult-power bestowed upon machines, and the unnecessary comforts of current technology.  The great amount of energy and tremendous effort being exerted towards the invention of ever more and more sophisticated machinery is the evidence of man’s worship of modern times’ “Great Machine.”  Man, from not only scientific fictitious point of view, appears to be fully engaged in the formation of a being that will be his successor in the evolutionary scale- the “man-machine-like” automaton of tomorrow.  Man is increasingly becoming a servomechanism, that is, an enslaved mechanism that designs yet other servomechanisms. He, most unfortunately, is increasingly falling in love with his own slavery.  Nothing could be worse than this!

This swift deterioration of that “being-property” inherent only to man, consisting of his living according to the guidance of his own conscience, under the direction of his own “I,” and sustained by his own “Being-efforts”, is evidenced by the coming forth of a disproportionate number of “experts” on all matters of life.

It can be absolutely ascertained, based on historical data alone, that never in the history of humanity, (with the exception perhaps of that age historically well-known as “the confusion of tongues”), have so many “experts” appeared on the face of the Earth.  Actually, the self-proclaimed “experts” understand very little of what they know, for if they really had a “Being-understanding” in relation to their areas of “expertise,” then the process of life shared in common among men on Earth would have emerged far differently than it has.  Moreover, the necessary and sufficient conditions for the mutual destruction of man would not have been realized, as has happened today.

The fact is that due to the swift deterioration of the above-mentioned “being-property,” (that is of man’s responsibility for himself), and as a result of the abnormal conditions of life established by men on Earth, (specifically those conditions which do not favor the development of this “being-property”), man has simply bequeathed certain tasks to others. He has stopped fulfilling his duties, and no longer realizes the efforts that he and every person have the obligation and responsibility of assuming for himself.  Hence, the disproportionate number of “experts” present on Earth today.

Because present conditions of life so poor, in so far as their ability to provide for the full development of the potentialities deposited in man by “Great Nature,” -potentialities that every man has the obligation to fulfill, guided by his own conscience, directed by his own “I,” and sustained by his own “Being-efforts”-, the possibilities available to those who have not yet been devoured by that “simulation of life,” (known in the language of today as “the pursuit of happiness”) are not very attractive at all.

One extreme on the scale of desperation, at the individual level, is suicide.  The remarkable increase in the rate of suicide reported among today’s youth, (besides being a very sad occurrence and a sorrowful mistake), serves as a good indicator of the grim reality of man’s present and future condition.

It is precisely during the critical stage of life known as adolescence that, in accordance with the provisions of “Great Nature,” man reaches a heightened degree of sensibility. In addition, he develops his ability to relate to the assimilation and fixation of data needed to reach maturity.  It is during this period that the first crisis in the life of man takes place; it assumes the form of an instinctive rejection of everything that he perceives as false.  Adolescence is the period during which the formation of that “being-property” (intrinsic only to man), and designated as organic shame, an organic fear to abnormality, is at its peak.

Under normal conditions of life, this natural and healthy rebellion is readily replaced by a consciousness-awakening in the adolescent regarding his surrounding world and the activities of life that best fit his capacities and natural inclinations.  The young man, under the proper guidance and direction of his elders, is initiated into the role of an adult.

However, when conditions of life do not favor his normal development and growth, as is the reality in present-day civilization, the rebelliousness emerging in a youth with a high degree of sensibility, (in the absence of the proper channels for its proper manifestation), is transformed into hostility. This, directed towards him, is causing the alarming increase in the rate of suicide among the adolescents of today’s world.

Adolescent rebellion can also be transformed into hostility directed towards the environment, or society.  This is the other extreme on the scale of desperation, that of collective participation in physical revolutions where the central theme is always the destruction, at any cost, of the established order.  The only real difference between suicide and physical revolution is that in the former the destruction is individualized while in the latter, it involves others, making physical revolution nothing more than a form of collective suicide.  However, physical revolutions, (as history has shown), have served, and still only serve, the purpose of bringing about a superficial transformation of society.  History supports the fact that physical revolutions always result in the generation of still other revolutions; because of the simple reality that the means are not separated from the ends, but rather, the means are the ends.  Thus, the new order is always an extension of the old -or the other side of the same coin, (for example, the old institution of slavery is transformed into a new form of slavery, and so on).  However, in so far as they bringing about conditions of life favorable to the development of the true individuality of man, both methods, individual and collective suicide, are extreme actions arising from despair, and not from intelligence.

Cosmic Engineering categorically affirms that extreme actions can never be considered valid actions.  They are not the result of an act of consciousness and intelligence, but rather of desperation.  Extreme actions then, are not actions at all, but merely escapes, or “reactions” to an undesirable situation or circumstance.

Between the two extremes on the scale of desperation, (that is, between individual and collective suicide), a full spectrum of intermediate escapes, or alternatives, is available to the man imprisoned by contemporary civilization’s “Great Machine.”

Although these intermediate escapes, as well as the extremes, have always existed in the history of humanity, it is during these epochs of decadence and desperation, (historically recognized as the “fall of empires”), that they blossom to full potential.  At present, the spectrum of intermediate escapes takes the form of alcoholism, drug-addiction, gambling, cultism, parasitism, sex, and cynicism.

It is unnecessary to elaborate in details on alcoholism and drug-addiction.  It is sufficient to glance at any of the thousands of published newspapers anywhere on Earth today to arrive at a fairly good understanding of the ways in which these two forms of escape exert their tremendous hypnotic influence on people in general, by creating a never-never land of imaginary dreams, (and a myriad of opportunities for the ever present profiteers of this world).

Gambling is a popular form of escape among the “living dead” who have arrived at the stage of “life-suffocation” known as maturity; a casino being the cemetery for these people.

Cultism is a favorite form of escape for young people whose choice is not one of the two above-mentioned extremes.  Cultism is an emotional surrender to a trend generally invented by the latest self-appointed fashionable lunatic guru.

Parasitism, a form of feeding on the emotional weaknesses of others, is encountered most conspicuously among lawyers, politicians, journalists, artists, occultists and eccentric preachers, who feed on the irrationality and blind beliefs of many unbalanced people.

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I have been studying and working with the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff exposed in his Opus Magnum Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson. The intention of this blog is to share these ideas with people around the world. For more information about me, please search in Google for Will Mesa
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8 Responses to Third Installment of Aim of Cosmic Engineering

  1. Hi – could you explain who are “artists” and how “artists” feed on the emotional weaknesses of others.???

    And Journalists — ? !! ??… reporting the news..??

    What about the author as an “artist” — could it be said they feed on the irrationality and blind beliefs of many unbalanced people… perhaps like this blog… and your “book”.

    And what about “tricksters” like Mr G. himself…. did he feed on the irrationality and blind beliefs of many unbalanced people… ???

  2. Gracias Sr. Will Mesa por su trabajo y sus articulos, muy agradecido.

  3. Roland Lindgren says:

    I like your post, especially about ‘the experts’. Seems almost everyone now, when they need a solution to a problem, go to Library and get a book, or on the computer, from the latest popular ‘educated expert’. Always looking for the solution from anyone other than themselves. Never learned what it meant when Mom said ‘pay attention’. Attention has become a meaningless word (maybe always has been?).
    Faith in themselves and their natural curiosity to explore that they had as little children is programmed out of them early. What was it Jesus said: Be as little children?

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