NOTE: Continuing with my idea of making use of this blog “Gospel According to Beelzebub,” which I closed few months ago, to share with my readers installments of my forthcoming book “A Treatise on Cosmic Engineering: A book of Transmutation and Initiation Written According to Law” I now present a second part of the first segment, “The Aim of Cosmic Engineering.”


Roman law, and most modern systems of law, (identified pompously as the “Judiciary Sciences”), are the outer expressions of a morality based exclusively on universally accepted, yet always relative, concepts of “good” and “evil,” with the full sequel of punishments and rewards that such a morality entails.  Subjective morality is introduced in pre-school and is perpetuated throughout the entire life of the individual. It reaches a summit of immorality in the ceremony adopted by all nations of the Earth without exception: the conferring of medals of honor to those who, during any particular war, go above and beyond the call of duty; that is, those who kill more of the enemy than is necessary.  Subjective morality can never bring about true justice on Earth.  Its results will always be an unjust criminal code, or system of laws, based on relative concepts of “good” and “evil.”

The educational process, presently being utilized for the formation of new generations, is a terminally ill patient.  The educational process of modern times can be defined as the science and art of continuously repeating a number of facts having no real relation to the development of the true individuality of man.  Moreover, the educational process of today, independent of the class or state organization which sponsors and supports it, only serves as a means and an end for the objectives of the “centers of power” (interested, as always, in satisfying their own egotistic demands).

It is not that the content -substance and form- of these activities is wrong. That is not the point. They certainly are more than sufficient to guarantee man’s participation at some level of collective existence. The point is that they do not provide the sufficient data necessary for guiding man in the full development of his potentialities and talents.

Cosmic Engineering categorically affirms that man cannot rely on the knowledge acquired from these activities to attain to inner harmonious self-development in the sense of Being.

Cosmic Engineering also affirms that even the most modern determinisms, such as theories, ideologies, and doctrines devised by mankind to arrive at some interpretation of the process of spiritualization called life, are as futile as the attempts of contemporary science, in providing direction to the man in crisis- that is, to a man seeking the true meaning of life and a real sense of existence.

Capitalism, with its basic tenet that self-interest and the profit motive are ends in themselves, limits man’s natural-given talents to a competitive race whose only measurement of performance is the achievement of material wealth, particularly and mainly in the form of money. The profit motive becomes the fundamental directing force during the inevitable process of life shared in common among men; and self-interest the standard accepted order of common existence. The achievement of material success becomes the most widely respected form of self-improvement, and man’s potentialities are geared to the fulfillment of this, and only this, purpose. The accumulation of money becomes life’s predominant goal. The profit motive is the prime force, self-interest the prime source of energy. The result is self-centeredness. Self-perfection, in the sense of man’s talents and potentialities participating in the Process of Creation as conscious and voluntary agents of perfecting, is replaced by self-improvement which can only be measured in terms of the achievement of material success. Real freedom, in the sense of a conscious belief in the possibility of attainment of complete Being, is replaced by a system of illusions called free enterprise which only allows for self-improvement and self-betterment through competition. Capitalism is not the expression of human nature, nor does the world of economics obey  natural laws, as most capitalists claim; rather, it is the direct consequence of humanity’s division into two antagonist currents of  masters and slaves, an event that took place during the stage of civilization that preceded the phenomenon known today as the transmigration of races.  Capitalism is the scientific, systematic, and methodological sanctification of humanity’s division into two antagonist currents.

The theory of evolution, with its central theme of the “survival of the fittest” through natural selection, is an incomplete theory of man’s possible evolution. It accounts only for the evolution of man’s lower nature, of man’s mechanical instinct. It does account for the evolution of man’s higher nature, of man’s soul. It does not explain this evolution, nor is it interested in it. As such, it is incomplete as far as man’s possible evolution is concerned. If “survival of the fittest” is the true mark of evolution, as it is, then, it must necessarily follows that the person most capable of ensuring his or her survival is the most evolved. But this contradicts the deeper understanding that, at least at some higher level of the human experience, the person who gives his or her life for others is the most evolved. The contradiction is resolved when evolution is understood in terms of the evolution of man’s mechanical nature. Indeed, man’s possible evolution begins where mechanical evolution ends.

Psychoanalytic theory, with its countless schools and methodologies, has offered only transient relief to a certain few of the psychic tensions of today’s personalities.  However, in its resolve to penetrate deeply into the darkness of man, it has failed -for the simple reason that psychoanalysis has overlooked, (since its very inception and by some inexplicable error), the simple fact, (evident to any person possessing even a minimal degree of common sense), that in order to explore darkness, light is necessary.  Psychoanalytic exploration is equivalent to the excavation of a gold mine without a lantern. It is an infantile attempt to do from below that which can only be done from above. In its highest theoretical aspect psychoanalytic theory provides only certain explanations and interpretations of the most visible manifestations arising from man’s predicament. In its practice, because of its unhealthy habit of going in circles around man’s abnormalities, its clinical procedure is comparable to an attempt at cleansing mud by washing with mud.

Existentialism, with its fundamental premise that existence precedes essence, (an inevitable consequence of the negation of Divinity), isolates man within a humanistic existence where there is no law-maker other than himself.  For the existentialists there is no universe other than that of the human universe -that of human subjectivity.  However, it is not possible for man to be isolated even within the most perfect and complete humanism, for he is a part of the “Whole” and is therefore governed by the laws of the “Whole.”  If it is true that man’s ultimate aspiration is to become a relatively free and autonomous cosmic unit of the “Great Whole” possessing its own laws, (an extension of existentialism basic premise that “man is nothing else but what he makes of himself”), the fact nonetheless remains that this cosmic unit, however significant, is still only part of the “Whole.”  It is in the free, autonomous and self-initiated acting in harmony with the “Whole” that man becomes one who is in possession of his own laws.  The end result of existentialism is to asphyxiate man within a transcendence that does not transcend -a fragmented existence that can never give him a real sense of totality and completeness.  Life becomes, then, as the existentialists themselves have asserted: “The eruption of an unhappy existence within a happy non-existence.”  And, while he lives in this unhappy existence, the existentialist makes his life even more unhappy by philosophizing endlessly in search of a freedom which is “A freedom which wills itself freedom is in fact a being-which-is-not-what-it-is and which-is-what-it-is-not and which chooses as the ideal of being, being-what-is-not and not-being-what-it-is.”  It is therefore no great surprise that children are happier beings!

Dialectic materialism is the latest contribution of representatives of contemporary thought who in their strivings are trying to give meaning to the dilemma of life on Earth. For many it has unquestionably been the most promising of the contemporary determinisms. And for them it has served as the “brightest” beacon for directing the social changes that periodically take place on Earth whenever men, impelled by the thirst for freedom, engage themselves in the destruction of the established order with the intention of constructing a new one.  However, a system of thought based strictly on a historical interpretation of reality, (apart from its degree of dialectics), cannot provide answers. This is especially so for a man who feels in the depth of his being that he is, more than a historical entity or Zoo Politikon, a totality than can perceive himself, even if only briefly, as a concrete reality.  Dialectic materialism is the direct result of rigid rationalism and intellectual absolutism, less the emotional impulse to a higher life characteristic of modern times. This rigid vision and interpretation of life found its ultimate expression in the so-named German intelligentsia.  No wonder the inevitable end result of Dialectic Materialism has been the formation of Marxist-Leninist regimes -true police states where even the dreams of its citizens are monitored by very efficient police machinery. Also, the “almighty party” denies man, in this way, any possibility of real growth and development of his true individuality.

Finally, there is war, the greatest determinism of all time -the folly of all follies, and the horror of all horrors. It is the plague that made its appearance on Earth when men began to accumulate wealth and to be distinguished as either master or slave -that constant of human existence which has never even remotely brought about a solution to the problems posed by the process of life shared in common among men on Earth.

Cosmic Engineering categorically affirms that the consequences of such conditions of life which do not foster the proper development of factors which determine a certain and necessary degree of self-individuality in man, do not bode well for the present and future of humanity.

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I have been studying and working with the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff exposed in his Opus Magnum Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson. The intention of this blog is to share these ideas with people around the world. For more information about me, please search in Google for Will Mesa
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