The Aim of Cosmic Engineering

NOTE: Continuing with my idea of making use of this blog “Gospel According to Beelzebub,” which I closed few months ago, to share with my readings installments of my forthcoming book “A Treatise on Cosmic Engineering: A book of Transmutation and Initiation Written According to Law” I now present part of the first segment, “The Aim of Cosmic Engineering.”

First Segment

The Aim of Cosmic Engineering


As its fundamental aim, Cosmic Engineering is the study of cosmic processes and the laws governing these processes. However, it has the express intention of applying this study to the construction of a man who would be capable of responding to the true meaning of the objective pronouncement formulated on Earth many millennia ago. This was: “Man is a being created in the image of God.”

    Everyday engineering presently in practice, is fundamentally concerned with the practical application of the study of physical, chemical, biological and economic processes, and the laws governing them, as they pertain to the analysis, design, and construction of artifacts and apparatus.  The ultimate product of Cosmic Engineering, however, is man, analogically considered to be an image of God.

    Cosmic Engineering perceives man, as he has been created by the CREATOR of all beings, to be a relatively free and autonomous cosmic unit of the “Great Whole.” It is within the capacity of this cosmic unit, furthermore, to possess its own laws and to serve the Process of Creation taking place constantly and continuously, in conformity to universally acknowledged cosmic laws, since the very beginning of Creation.

    Cosmic Engineering sets out with the very basic premise that man is on Earth to serve, and has been primarily created by the CREATOR for this purpose.  This is the sense and aim of man’s existence.  However, due to certain events that have taken place during man’s natural and cultural development which have resulted in the abnormal conditions of life prevailing on Earth today, man is no longer capable of rendering the service for which he has been created.  Furthermore, the various activities derived from these abnormal conditions of life, cannot help man to perfect himself in the sense of fulfilling this service.

    Cosmic Engineering categorically affirms that the various activities devised by man on Earth during the last five millennia for the purpose of successfully carrying out the process of collective existence, as well as the totality of the different branches of knowledge derived from them, do not offer the necessary or sufficient conditions for a real perfecting of man.

    Organized religion, with its divers beliefs and multitude of denominations, does not satisfy the true feeling of religiosity proper to man, a feeling that is made manifest by the emotional attitude that boldly questions, “Who am I?,” “Why am I here?,” “What is my purpose?” This feeling finds its ultimate aspiration in the objective mandate: “You be as perfect as your FATHER in Heaven.”

    Organized politics, with its variety of ideologies and doctrines, (as is well-evidenced by the multiplicity of political organizations in existence today), has also been unable to satisfactorily address the basic problems of life which are common among men.  While it is true that in one way or another it has established models of civil order, the principal function of organized politics, throughout most of the development of human society, (as is evidenced historically), has been that of promoting and maintaining wars.  Therefore, although organized politics has helped to construct forms of civil order, it has also been responsible for its destruction through the so-named processes of common destruction known as war.

    Today, Philosophy has lost touch with the real source of life. It is an unfortunate reality that the vivifying and refreshing philosophies of the so-named pre-Socratic era, after having been carefully and adeptly sterilized by post-Socratic schools of thought and, finally, made rigid by the so-proclaimed German intelligentsia, has resulted in a well-decorated mathematical principle. Now they have nothing substantially to offer to a man embarked in search of the real meaning of life.  The best illustration of the way in which philosophy has become a mathematicization and an artificialization of life is modern philosophy’s definition of Being which reads: “To be is to be the value of a bounded variable.”  The fanatic trend of symbolic logic and artificial intelligence is now responsible for philosophy’s final and definitive demise.

    Contemporary science, in both its abstract aspect as pure science and its more practical aspect as applied science and technology, (even  the specifically-acknowledged human sciences of biology, psychology and sociology), does not provide solutions for the man in crisis, that is, for the man seeking a decipherment to the mystery of life. Founded on the so-called postulate of objectivity, which categorically establishes that there is not nor can there be any purpose for the phenomena of Nature (Nature is objective and not projective), contemporary science has no answers for the man searching for his purpose in life. It certainly has answers for the person interested in understanding the behavior of molecules in a gas, the man who wants to go to the Moon, or the investigator wanting to know how a defective gene can cause a particular disease. But, for the man in crisis, that is, the man searching for the sense and aim of his existence, contemporary science certainly provides no answers.

    Contemporary art, at its best, has become the domain of the subjective artist obsessed with the compulsive need to express himself.  As such, it is now only a form of entertainment and diversion, that is, a form of individual and communal identification.  The externalization of such a situation is the so-labeled commercialization of art.  It is sufficient to only superficially view today’s culture centers (museums, concert halls, theaters), where contemporary art is displayed, in any city of the world, to appreciate the extent to which art has been devoured by the “Great Machine” of modern times, leaving behind only cadavers good for feeding the ego of the artist, and helping, in some way, to alleviate the insomnia of the thousands of unbalanced people who frequent these cultural exhibitions.  Contemporary art no longer fulfills the true mission to which it was originally assigned, that of providing a means for the transmission of objective knowledge among people, as well as the transmutation of substances in man.




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I have been studying and working with the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff exposed in his Opus Magnum Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson. The intention of this blog is to share these ideas with people around the world. For more information about me, please search in Google for Will Mesa
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    Further musical notes in your composition 🎼 Bravo for your continued striving patience! One day a masterpiece will emerge.

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