NOTE: Continuing with my idea of using my WordPress blog “Gospel According to Beelzebub.” As I indicated in my previous post, to share with my readers fragments from my new book “A Treatise on Cosmic Engineering: A Book of Initiation and Transmutation Written According to Law,” I now proceed to share the Foreword of my book.


Cosmic Engineering, as presented in this Treatise, is the result of several years of theoretical investigation and experimental verification.

For the theoretical background, the main frame of reference has been the ideas introduced to the western world during the first half of the twentieth century by G. I. Gurdjieff.  These ideas were presented by Mr. Gurdjieff in his Magnum Opus under the title: Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson: All and Everything: First Series.

The theoretical work was tested in a series of natural and forced experiments carried out under varied and sometimes extreme conditions.  I used myself as a subject; always being careful not to tamper with the data obtained which might result in fitting the data to the theory. To this end I relied heavily on my extensive experience as a research engineer.

Throughout the theoretical and experimental development of this work, I made my living as a professor and researcher in the field of electrical engineering, specifically in the areas of automation and cybernetics.  From 1969 to 1971, while associated with the University of Florida, USA, I earned a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (Dissertation Topic: Mathematical Modeling of Cerebral Spatial-Temporal Potential Fields Evoked by Visual Stimulation).  I then spent several years teaching and doing research in Venezuela, France, and the United States.

This work was done in three phases.  During the first phase, I investigated most of the data available to contemporary man in the western world, that is, current developments in the fields of philosophy, psycho-sociology, the life sciences, the physical sciences, and contemporary art.

During the second phase, after becoming fully convinced that the developments of current western ideology could not possibly bring about any radical changes in man’s Being, I embarked on a search of a different nature.  After some preliminary exposure to the ideas of Mr. Gurdjieff, I traveled to the city of Paris in search of his disciples who survived his death in 1949.  For three years I worked in France with a group led by Henri Tracol, a well-known disciple of Mr. Gurdjieff during the Paris exposure of the Living Teaching, and then for seven years in Venezuela with the group led by Nathalie Etievan, daughter of Jeanne de Salzman, on the practical application of the teachings left by Mr.  Gurdjieff.  Later, I spent several years as an active member of the New York Ch’an Meditation Center, founded and directed by Chan (Zen) Master Sheng-yen.

The final phase of the work was carried out while living in Flushing, which is a part of New York City, and later in Palm Bay, Florida.  During this phase, I tested the theoretical and practical information and data gathered during the previous two phases. Simultaneously, I wrote several versions of this treatise. In writing this treatise, I made every possible effort to employ the factual and practical language of engineering, to which I have been exposed during my many years in this field.

This Treatise is dedicated to all who desire a radical change in their lives, and who are searching for a way to bring it about.  I am convinced, based on my own observations and deductions, that Transmutation can and does take place in many people without the need for an understanding of its fundamental laws and underlying processes.  However, for some, this understanding will be a necessity, and it may accelerate it.  It is to this group that this treatise is addressed.  To this end, it can be used as a guideline and an indicator- “the pointing finger.” Once Transmutation is set in motion, the world of Initiation is opened to the seeker.

It is my total conviction that Transmutation has taken place countless times in the lives of many people in the past, and is continuing to take place in the lives of countless others today.  It has definitely taken place in my life. It is also my experience that Transmutation leads to what is known as Initiation, These two aspects of a true and genuine Search are covered in this Treatise.

Finally, and speaking of my own transmutation, I have to acknowledge the presence of my wife, Josefina, and my three children, Hilda, Wilfredo, and Gerardo. Just by being there, they motivated me to find a better place in me from which to respond to the demands imposed by our relationship. And just by doing so, I gave them the possibility of finding a better place in them. Transmutation is a two-way street.

About willmesa

I have been studying and working with the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff exposed in his Opus Magnum Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson. The intention of this blog is to share these ideas with people around the world. For more information about me, please search in Google for Will Mesa
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5 Responses to F O R E W O R D

  1. Call Thomas says:

    Excellent personal observation.!

      • Call Thomas says:

        Through your own efforts you have attained clarity of heart and mind. Our bodies reach higher levels of being through the union of our hearts and minds. He thinks, mind, and she feels, heart. When they unite in agreement, our bodies are in estatic states of being. I can see from the years of your posting that you also have discovered your own mystic marriage. No one but one’s self can produce this inner unity. The presence of a great master can temporarily produce this, but that can only be temporary. I’m positive you already understand this manifestation.

  2. Len Jadir says:

    Muy interesante su nuevo libro.
    ¿Donde se puede comprar?
    Saludos cordiales.

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