A TREATISE ON COSMIC ENGINEERING: A Book of Transmutation and Initiation Written According to the Law

NOTE: In the previous post of this blog with the title “Gospel According to Beelzebub” I announced that it was the last post in my blog. I stated very clearly and precisely that after more than sixty posts in my blog, I realized that I had become tired and fatigued with the task of writing more posts. Personally, I had to find something new in order to move on. And I did find it, I would say very casually indeed. In my post I quoted a paragraph from Beelzebub’s Tales, the book that guided my search for forty years that for a long time and elucidated in detail how this paragraph illuminated my inner life. I don’t feel necessary to repeat here that paragraph; you can go to my post (last and closing post in my blog) and find the content of the paragraph under consideration and read all I had to say about it.

I also wrote in my last post in my blog the following paragraph:

“I am now very much immersed in the publication of my second book. It is a very simple task because it is all finished and all I have to do is to attend to the details of its publication. Not major efforts needed which makes me happy. If the title of my first book was rather original and clever, as a friend of mine told me, “My Life with Mr. Beelzebub,” the title of this second book is even more original: “A Treatise on Cosmic Engineering: A Book of Transmutation and Initiation Written According to the Law.” This title is a reflection of my long interest in the ancient and venerable science of Alchemy which I have studied and practiced for years. But the true fact is that I started working on this book around 1990 and in the beginning I did it for the express purpose of learning more about Beelzebub’s Tales. But in time and with time, it became a book of its own. However, I never felt the need to publish it; now that the Sacred Raskooarno is fast approaching, I strongly feel this need.  Modesty aside, I expect my book to be a contribution to the esoteric and hermetic literature. After all, I am destined to be the first Cosmic Engineer of the planet Earth. However, my book will never be at the level of Beelzebub’s Tales. Mr. Gurdjieff has always been the Teacher; I only strove to be a faithful disciple. As the Divine Teacher Jesus Christ put it in Matthew 10: 24-25: “A disciple is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master. It is enough for a disciple to be like his teacher, and a servant like his master.’”

Like the above paragraph indicates, I am very busy working on my book, mostly engaged in correcting spelling and grammar. While working on the book the idea came to me to use my old blog “Gospel According to Beelzebub” to share with others parts of the content of the book. Why not? My book is about the material in Beelzebub’s Tales and so is the content of my blog. My blog has existed for over seven years and now is well-known by people who follow the teaching of Mr. Gurdjieff. So, why not use one of Mr. Gurdjieff favorite sayings: “In this business everything profits us”? The point is that many people who are already familiar with my work using the material in Beelzebub’s Tales, people who follow my writings in this blog, will benefit if I expose part of my book here in this blog.

I will begin by sharing the Foreword of my book because it presents in a nutshell what the book is all about. As the subtitle of the book indicates, it is written according to the Law. What does that mean? It means that I tried to write the book according to the first fundamental cosmic laws, the law of seven. The book has seven segments or seven chapters as they may also be viewed. Each segment corresponds to a Stopinder or interval in the law of seven. The first segment entitled The Aim of Cosmic Engineering is the note DO of the law of seven of the book. It is the starting point of the book and I plan to share it with my readers in its totality. The heart of the book is the sixth segment on transmutation. It is a long segment located between the notes FA and SI of the book, the preparation to ascend to a higher octave. I will try to post this segment in its many different parts.


About willmesa

I have been studying and working with the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff exposed in his Opus Magnum Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson. The intention of this blog is to share these ideas with people around the world. For more information about me, please search in Google for Will Mesa
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  1. iclaplata says:

    Thanks for your effort!

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