Hell in Holy Purgatory

I am now convinced that the totality of life here on Earth is about sharing with others, be in particularly organized groups or in the process of life in general, our experiences and understandings. It is in this sense that I wish to share with you certain experiences and understandings I have been able to gather through my work in my life and with Beelzebub’s Tales.

On page 805 of the chapter on the Holy Planet Purgatory of Beelzebub’s Tales we read the following paragraph which I quote in its totality:

“By these same two words the two following conceptions were expressed in the Legominism about the holy planet Purgatory: by the word paradise the magnificence and richness which are on that holy planet were defined, and by the word hell that inner state indeed experienced by the higher being-bodies who dwell there, and, namely, the state of constant anguish, grief, and oppression.”

Now, as stated on other pages of that chapter, the main aim of holy purgatory is to allow the higher being-bodies or souls dwelling on that planet to purge the “sins” of the body of the soul, “sins” that they have acquired independently of their own individuality. Hell is then the state of “constant anguish, grief, and oppression” these souls must go through in order to purge the “sins’ of the body of the soul imbedded in them.

This is so because of a natural cosmic law which establishes that one “cannot ascend to heaven without first descending to hell.”

Keep up your good work and be calm, even if you feel you are in Hell.

Warm regards,

Will Mesa.


About willmesa

I have been studying and working with the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff exposed in his Opus Magnum Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson. The intention of this blog is to share these ideas with people around the world. For more information about me, please search in Google for Will Mesa
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5 Responses to Hell in Holy Purgatory

  1. Dear Will: Thanks for your insights!

  2. Gregory says:

    And this is why a ritualistic, technical practice of refining and elevating yogic praxis far removed from an ongoing buffer-challenging engagement with life is a Glamour as delusional as passing off active alcoholism and drug addiction as The Way.
    Thank you for your stingingly, concise statement of why none of us will ever really get this.

    • Gregory says:

      My last utterance:
      “why none of us will ever really get this.”
      is a comment on the amount of concentrated time and attention it takes, not an injunction to forget attempting it because “it’ll never get done in my lifetime”.
      As the well-worn phrase goes: “It’s the journey, not the destination”
      Hell-fire, used deliberately destructively or constructively, does its job extremely well..

      • willmesa says:

        Thanks Gregory. I liker your comment here. Yes indeed, it is all about the journey and not the destination and Hell-fire indeed does its job extremely well. Thanks again. Will

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