The Source of the Living Teaching

The Source of the Living Teaching Mr. Gurdjieff brought to us is not in Atlantis or in pre-and post-sand Egypt, nor it is in the great civilizations in Pearl-Land and Maralpleicie and Tikliamish, nor is it to be found in Tibet. It is not in pre- or post-Babylon either, nor among the bored Roman shepherds and fantastic Greek fishermen.

Those are places that exist in us, scattered in us after going into collision with Kondoor and the sinking of Atlantis and the dispersion of the centers. We now must put back together those places scattered in us.

Yes, the Source of the Living Teaching is in us and it is in God because the Living God lives in us..

To go outside of us to find the Source of the Living Teaching it is to walk through one of the two mentations and to navigate in one of the two rivers.

Mr. Gurdjieff made all the necessary outer voyages so that we all could make all the necessary inner voyages.

In his Legominism All and Everything Mr. Gurdjieff gave us the map to find the Source of the Living Teaching that is in us. There is nowhere to go but in us.

The Source of the Living Teaching is in us because the Living Teaching lives in us.

Long live the Living Teaching!

Will Mesa

About willmesa

I have been studying and working with the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff exposed in his Opus Magnum Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson. The intention of this blog is to share these ideas with people around the world. For more information about me, please search in Google for Will Mesa
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30 Responses to The Source of the Living Teaching

  1. Roland Lindgren says:

    I believe that Will. Thank you.

  2. Gregory says:

    When I feel I am in trouble, when I feel the world has caved in, when I bring my essential inadequacy to bear on the ongoing unraveling of life outside of me I convince myself the solution lies in a hard-to-fathom book, a “developed” person, an erudite teacher, a drink, a drug, a love affair, a work of art, a philosophy, a practice, an organization, an attitude, a stance, a dietary restriction, a breathing exercise, a religiosity of spirit, a long ago created esoteric technique that on close examination means and signifies NOTHING WHATEVER.
    When all is said and done, when the Fear and the Control, the Pride and the Passion have been acknowledged and (again) reduced to their appropriate scale, there is one thing and one thing only which all of the above most cleverly and slyly avoid:
    “Self re-membering”, time and time again.
    Thank you, Will.

    • Roland Lindgren says:

      Well said Gregory. I concur. What is the Self that needs re-membering?

    • willmesa says:

      Thanks Gregory. Yes, Mr. Gurdjieff used to say: “remember yourself always.”

      • Gregory says:

        You do understand , Will, that I qualified “re-member” as opposed to the now-deadened-through-overuse “remember” ?
        The organ — that House of the Self —- which time and again does the work of reunification is that same organ which reads and understands all and everything of Mr. Gurdjieff’s books.

      • willmesa says:

        I agree with you, Gregory, that “re-member” is a much better and more qualified term than “remember.”

    • all this is. true!!!!

      • very very helpful in my Werk ,when staying allone for Now mor than eleven Jeares – since leaving the FoF led by Burton , werde the Commentaries by M . Nicoll ! raeding – assimilating them – day by day , up To Now , and seeing Live and Evends in Corespondens Tod them , worked metanoia and change oft Being . the starting Point always is and will be , the Kernel , wider and wider. growing seit observation , entering slowly in deeper and deeper self remembering . Be not formatory : Selfobservation is growing gradually – beginning with an itellektual I and ending in Unity with your inermost I as one oft its Funktion !!! And , don ‘t forget : all this is only available by struggle against jour Defektions , against jour Animal . Atherwise , what Sense should selfobservation give…..So , wie all need a Workplan , a coresponding line of Efforts and Trust in higher Dorfes …….Geht Lucky , my best Wishes ……..Wolfgang

      • willmesa says:

        Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them.

      • willmesa says:

        I too think it is!

  3. iclaplata says:

    Estimado Sr. Wilfredo Mesa:

    Reciba Ud. un cordial y agradecido saludo desde La Plata (Provincia de Buenos Aires, República Argentina). Realmente valoro su enorme esfuerzo de compartir abiertamente sus vivencias alrededor del legominismo “Relatos de Belcebú a su Nieto”.

    Su sufrimiento voluntario y su trabajo consciente nos permite a nosotros avanzar más rápidamente hacia la meta de recuperar alguna vez la Conciencia Moral Objetiva.

    ¿Cuándo estará disponible para la venta su libro “Life with Beelzebub»?

    Un afectuoso abrazo.

    Martín Braunstein

    • willmesa says:

      Gracias, Martin, por sus palabras de apoyo. Mucho las agradezco.
      El dia vendra en que la Conciencia Moral Objetiva sea nuestro Maestro Interior.
      Mi libro estara listo para Noviembre.Ya le avisare.
      Saludos y un afectuosos abrazo.
      Will Mesa

  4. Dr. Jone Dae says:

    I have tried to explain to people IRL, Will. That a living Teacher is always better than any written text, sacred or not.

    • willmesa says:

      And where that living Teacher is to be found, Jone?

    • Azim Looker says:

      Dear Dr. Jone Dae; there have been many “teachers” who have tried to fill Mr Gurdjieff’s shoes, usually with horrific results for their pupils and themselves. Mr Gurdjieff intended ‘Beelzebub’s Tales’ and the 2nd and 3rd Series as a means of transmission and a living teaching…”The Source of the Living Teaching is in us because the Living Teaching lives in us.” as Will puts it.
      I do have some sympathy for your assertion that “a living Teacher is always better than any written text, sacred or not” but am aware that I was exceedingly lucky to have found the particular teachers that I did, who were direct students of Mr Gurdjieff in Paris, humble and open to the Higher. Many imitators of Mr Gurdjieff have come and gone, victims of egoic inflation, who completely misunderstood the core values of the ‘Work’. Sometimes, very rarely, one finds ‘an elder in the Work’ who is truly worth listening to, as most of us are well aware.

      • willmesa says:

        Thanks Azim for this worthy comment. I agree with it and I appreciate it. Will.

      • Gregory says:

        “A” Living Teacher is found through a profoundly desirous need for Help.
        “The” Living Teacher convinced of the sincerity of that Desire guides the Way.

      • willmesa says:

        I emphasize the Living Teaching to a Living Teacher for the simple reason of bringing to light the fact that Beelzebub’s Tales is a map and a guide to finding the Source of the Living Teaching which is in us.

      • Gregory says:

        Yes, Will.
        And I agree with you on all of that. I often think that the beauty of the books lies in their providing a “possible” means to by-pass the need for a Living Teacher as Gurdjieff told us to by-pass the Saints as intermediaries and “Go directly to God”.
        Of course, that’s if we are clever enough.
        ; )


        Might I take the time — and the risk of the author’s “horror” towards my gumption — to suggest all readers here spend some time with this very fine piece of writing?
        It’s not entirely disconnected with what we are talking about here.
        And the responses below it are pretty good as well.

  5. willmesa says:

    -that is very true-

  6. Mike (the mammal) says:

    Some of my thoughts by my own associations on this subject of a “living teaching”. By no means a completed statement or inner discourse or exactly only in reply to the subject matter by Will. My apologies in advance.

    I went to a sequel of Dune by Frank Herbert called “The Winds Of Dune” by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson. It was an ultra-short visit, a few days ago, as i am active in ‘other’ work that needs my collective increasing attention and will post a link to a website to that in the near future if all goes to plan.

    Along with my studies of all kinds of literary work, i continue to be quite fond of the that “Dune” and especially the little quotes in Italics found throughout all the Dune series. This one popped out in less than 3 minutes while i skipped through (Reading it as though it were a newspaper tabloid skipping and jumping through the pages.) the book that i am yet to read on a second or a third occasion. On page 294 in italics from “The Winds Of Dune”.

    “We avoid what we do not wish to see; we are deaf to what we do not wish to hear; we ignore what we do not wish to know. We are masters of self-deception, of manipulating our perceptions.
    — Bene Gesserit summation, Wallach IX archives. ”

    The process of dismember and remember’ng self/selves, or ideal Impartial objective reason, the way i see understand the use of this term so far. To convey this i might use what is called a ‘glass optical prism’. The mind when functioning objectively should be a similar apparatus to an un-coloured/neutral optical prism (Without ‘deceptions’/’ignorance’ according to the Dune quote.) in one of my perspectives.

    Of course ‘it’, the ideal objective prism is rarely according to impartial objective conditions and are instead that sum results of the totality of subjective results that often contain almost no objectivity whatsoever, like the periodic process of reciprocal destruction for instance. “established by them themselves” or in a mammal, established by the separated selves themselves. Due to deceptions, lying etc.

    Under ideal conditions it, and objective, optically uncoloured prism will allow any combination of individual colours that form a ray of light to pass through it, so that the sum of its parts can be observed individually, uncoloured by any colouring of the prism (Observing apparatus) glass itself.

    Further: An impartial and objective being observing apparatus should be able to even re-assemble,re-member the said individual disassembled rays from the first optical prism, back, into the combination of colours that obtained the first splitting of the incoming ray exactly, that was obtained in the ‘first’ prism. If the second prism is skilfully manipulated, the light that is obtained from the second prism when the colour is reblended/re-membered might even be reblended in the abscence of any single component of the colour spectrum obtained from the first prism. A legominism. A lawfull inexactitude.

    • Mike (the mammal) says:

      Some further notes or thoughts of mine to allocate this first comment to the original subject matter of the new thread by Will:

      I agree that a living teaching needs to be exhumed and exists “scattered” in the subconscious in a form that needs to be fashioned anew. Science, astrology, psychology, all and everything needs to be re-discovered/uncovered from there. Big job indeed and a “fine mess’ indeed that various parts of my common presence finds itself in.

      It probably follows that if a hypothetical ‘process’ is understood objectively and without partiality, the said ‘process’ will very definitely continue to be subject to an objective conscience so that it can be changed, or modified if some time later it is observed to be incorrect, or contain subjective elements that are not in keeping with previous observations and the new ones,

      If an objective conscience is not present, then

      it can also be raised-from-the-dead as it were, and attain a new life for itself with a new understanding and a new knowledge that is inclusive of the new conditions the said process exists in. Any observable process. Whatever the subject matter of the the said observation of a process exists in.

      It could be a teaching, some bon ton science of new formation, or otherwise an existing infrastructure of knowledge that gives understanding in the broader sense and the different kinds of being associated with it. The way i see it, any process of observation that is scrutinised by an objective and impartial conscience can live and go on living never suffering a complete death and be raised again and again until it the observation is associated with the highest gradation of reason that is possible.

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