Addendum to my work with the sexual substance

My work with the sexual substance and with Beelzebub’s Tales in general has drawn severe criticism from well-known quarters in the Gurdjieff community. I have practically been told that I am insane when I make some of the affirmations I make. This is understandable because I am working alone and all these criticisms came from people who are members of the so-called Gurdjieff Foundations. In fact, one person said  and I quote: “We can theorise endlessly about minute pieces of hidden wisdom in B. T’s but each and every person forgets that one can not travel this Path alone” and then signed his comment with a name followed by this expression: “teacher of G.” Maybe he should have signed “teacher of dancing.” Of course, if he is a teacher of G. he better tell me how I have to behave. It is like those poor Gnostic facing the powerful emerging Catholic Church during times when the Gnostic were crushed by the Church. Another Foundation person said that I may even be sued because of my saying that I had overcome my bipolarity and psychosis using the transmutation of my sperm and now live without medication.

For starters, I am not alone in this path I am traveling. One is never alone. I have Mr. Beelzebub as my guide and have the subtle but true guidance of my awakened Conscience. I can rely on both of them as very respectfully guides. And none is going to sue me because what I write about is far removed from the lives of ordinary people. One has to spend almost an entire life, like I have done, in pursuing these interests, actually forced to pursue them. As a good friend of mine who himself suffers from depression wrote to me after reading my article on how I have worked on my bipolarity and psychosis using the transmutation of the sexual substance put it: “As you can easily imagine, Will, the content of your article is quite alien to the world I deal with in my current life, but I’m glad it has worked wonders in your case.  For the time being, I’ll continue to weigh the notion that just as the liver, or the thyroid gland, or the pancreas, etc., etc., etc. can malfunction and make miserable our lives, the brain is not an exception.”

Of course, I also got very positive comments from few readers who are also, like me, working with the sexual substance in their endeavors to find a way out of their own misery. They encouraged me to continue my work and one even made this good positive comment: “Your post is very good, and very brave too, as it takes on the less spoken side of the Work.” I am very glad I had those kinds of responses. One of the best responses I got was from a lady friend of mine: “i have just read your post in your blog about bipolarity. It has been so helpful for me. Thanks a lot will.”

Mr. Gurdjieff left for us a very powerful mantra. It can be found on page 135 of the third series of his writing with the title, “Life is real only then, when ‘I am.’” Here is for your consideration:

I am, I can, I am can

I am, I wish, I am wish

He then further qualifies his mantra with the following words:

If “I am, only then “I can;” if “I can,” only then do I deserve and have the objective right to wish. Without the possibility to “can” there is no possibility of having anything; no, nor the right to it.

I have many times in my life and work on myself used this powerful mantra.

It is six in the morning here in Palm Bay, Florida, USA, where I now live in retirement and when I am writing this note. Now, I am getting up every day at five in the morning to work on my writings and my forthcoming book with the original title “My Life With Mr. Beelzebub,” a testimony of how I have worked with the book for almost forty years.  This contrasts with the ten in the morning I used to get up during my infamous days of depression. I am now feeling great and happy without taking medication. I have been able to verify for myself this objective pronouncement of the sagest of sage, our highly esteemed Mullah Nassr Eddin:


I can now move into something else


Will Mesa


About willmesa

I have been studying and working with the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff exposed in his Opus Magnum Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson. The intention of this blog is to share these ideas with people around the world. For more information about me, please search in Google for Will Mesa
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13 Responses to Addendum to my work with the sexual substance

  1. Scott says:

    Well, in this new realm of computer posts, of the email variety, what it most ‘easily’ brings out is negativity in people. And, unfortunately, it is very few that can resist “lambasting” another from every angle – even those in 4th Way practices. Those negative comments can be used as an aid to see truths. The medium of the computer allows people to sit in their comfy chairs, in their own home, and to find fault, rather than find truth. A sign of negative thinking – to find the exception rather than feel the whole.
    Look at all the comments to anything on the internet … any photo of a celebrity, any statement by anyone; celebrity or other, etc. …. they’re all riddled with very harsh, negative comments.
    So, with all your posts Will, law of percentages says you will have a fair share of negativity. In each post, I can find things to refute. I could argue points, etc., but, I have learned that it doesn’t help matters, that it is a sign of my negativity, that it is splitting hairs. And it’s not productive. We normally should not seek to “change a person’s way of thinking and beliefs” over the INTERNET. I don’t think its a viable tool for that. I would say only person-to-person works for deeper exchanges between people, and I bet Gurdjieff would agree.

    • willmesa says:

      I agree with you Scott that person-to-person or the oral tradition is the best for deep exchanges. The INTERNET is only for thoses who live in isolated areas where they do not have possibility of contacting a group or a teacher in physical form. For me, I have always considered that Mr. Beelzebub has physical form which manifests in the form of the language of mentation by form.

      Concerning the matter of negativity, there is the “law of falling” and in this lunatic planet we cannot avoid falling towards our negative side of looking at things. For some unhealthy reason, we always have to bring down what other do. I have done many times in my life until I learned that the only criticism is objective criticism as it is the case with Beelzebub’s Tales.

  2. Mike (the mammal) says:

    Personally my perception of all this is that the sexual substance is diverse in its processes and the idea that Will followed up and posted exactly about this subject matter specifically about the sexual substance, is highly conformable with the general content of the subject matter being the misappropriation by other centers for example, concerning this said sexual substance… His efforts to elucidate are ‘stellar’ in my own kind of uncertified opinion, or that of one like myself who has been familiar with the book ‘BTTHG’ for decades, and not in any contact with organised groupings. Perhaps i am being a ‘freelance agent’?…i don’t know myself for sure. Then it might also follow…

    Not everyone who studies so called ‘4th way’ is in an organised group. In this case there is no contact other than here in my own case. So far, Will’s blog has not made requirements of me by opening an account for instance, instead Wills blog lets me post provided my user name and email are identical during this posting for instance. I did once recently try to post on another blog, not this one, that has something to do with material concerning Gurdjieff and perhaps beyond, but in this case my membership was refused on the basis that my application did not provide enough evidence of my interest or some other factor.

    My own realisations about ‘Conscience’ were more recent, and further evidence for me that BTTHG fits very well with the gospel that i know or am familiar with, and considerably more refined, and that during this new search with respect to this book, also seemed to coincide with my stumbling onto Will’s excellent blog. I cannot say i disagree with anything i have found here, far from it. In my opinion, Will is hitting the mark, over and over again, and his selection of passages from BTTHG are very well placed and crafted with respect to BTTHG and what BTTHG can as though magically do. I have not seen it done by any contemporary writer on the fourth way with as much refreshing clarity/objectivity in my own mammal perspective.

    We are dealing with a system that designates 7 primary functions to the mammal brain. If this is the case, i for one am grateful for any help for any help to elucidate it further for myself.

    Scott, it is my own suspicion that rather he/Gurdjieff would agree that ‘to know all is to know, not to know all is not to know’. Or something like that.

    • Mike (the mammal) says:

      Well maybe i was too emphatic about the, “We are dealing with a system that designates 7 primary functions”. Maybe i should have said 7 brains. I have a hunch there is a more accurate/better way of representing this.

      • willmesa says:

        Mike, if we consider the instinctive center and the sex center as independent centers, then we can speak of seven centers or brains with seven independent functions. Then we can speak of four lower centers and two higher centers with the sex center occupying an intermediate position. In this way, we can say that the sex function opens up to the two higher functions and connects directly with the outer world and with other people. Hence the importance of working with the sex center or the sex function. Will.

    • willmesa says:

      I think Mike that for some of us the only way to proceed is to follow the dictates of our own Conscience. In this particular case, for me it means to use the INTERNET as a way to provide possible exchanges with people not belonging to any particular Gurdjieff group, although exchanges in those groups are also valid. Like you say, some of us are just free lancers. Will.

  3. Gregory says:

    Thank you as always Will, for sharing the truth as you’ve found it — including the backstage bullying you’ve been party to.

    BTTHG is a book which was published for THE PUBLIC; Gurdjieff wished that and saw to that. As such, the volume is not owned, verified, certified, managed, or officially interpreted by any “group” no matter what said organization identifies itself to be. There is absolutely no sound evidence for any statements to that effect.

    When asked what methods were needed to read BEELZEBUB Gurdjieff answered “There are no known methods” .

    The only known instruction is printed at the beginning of the book concerning the reading of the text three times in a specified manner.

    Deep reading of Gurdjieff’s writings reveal many things including what he was “up to” pre-1949, and what our procedure should be post-1949.

    There’s absolutely nothing concerning “official” anything, unless, of course, you’ve been hypnotized to think that way by others.


    • Gregory says:

      PS The exact statement regarding Methods and BEELZEBUB’S TALES:

      “Question: Sir, I asked you last Thursday, if there was a way to develop attention; you said that attention was measured in the degree that one remembers oneself. You told me to especially look into myself. I especially asked you that because I wasn’t able to put my attention on the reading of Beelzebub. During this week I understood that attention was what I was. As many “I’s” as there were, so many different attentions. I wanted to ask you if there was, for developing attention, only the method of “I am” or if there are other special methods?

      “Gurdjieff: One thing I can tell you. Methods do not exist. I do not know any. But I can explain now everything simply. For example, in Beelzebub, I know, there is everything one must know. It is a very interesting book. Everything is there. All that exists, all that has existed, all that can exist. The beginning, the end, all the secrets of the creation of the world; all is there. But one must understand, and to understand depends on one’s individuality. The more man has been instructed in a certain way, the more he can see. Subjectively, everyone is able to understand according to the level he occupies, for it is an objective book, and everyone should understand something in it. One person understands one part, another a thousand times more. Now, find a way to put your attention on understanding all of Beelzebub. This will be your task, and it is a good way to fix a real attention. If you can put real attention on Beelzebub, you can have a real attention in life. You didn’t know this secret. In Beelzebub there is everything, I have said it, even how to make an omelet. Among other things, it is explained; and at the same time there isn’t a word in Beelzebub about cooking. So, you put your attention on Beelzebub, another attention than that to which you are accustomed, and you will be able to have the same attention in life.”

      Gurdjieff International Review. Fall 1998 Issue, Vol. II and
      Summer 2012 Issue, Vol. XI

      Regarding “who” can understand BEELZEBUB’S TALES with my bracketing [ ] identifiers:

      “I [CS Nott] said, ‘What about people who have never met you, or will never meet you? How will they be able to understand BEELZEBUB’S TALES?’ He [GI Gurdjieff] said, ‘Perhaps will understand better than many always around me. You, by the way, you see much of me and become identified with me. I not wish people identified with me, I wish them identified with my ideas. Many who never will meet me, simple people, will understand my book. Time come perhaps when they read BEELZEBUB’S TALES in churches.”

      page 77
      CS Nott. JOURNEY THROUGH THIS WORLD: THE SECOND JOURNAL OF A PUPIL Including an account of meetings with GI Gurdjieff, AR Orage and PD Ouspensky. Samiel Weiser Inc. 1969.

      • willmesa says:

        Vary good quotes.I have used them many times to counteract positions of my distractors.

      • Mike (the mammal) says:

        Gday Gregory. I have read all these quotes and material before in the past, so thanks for collating them as you have.

    • willmesa says:

      Thanks again Gregory for your encouragement. I will continue following the dictates of my own Conscience.

    • willmesa says:

      Thanks Gregory for your encouragement. I totally agree with you and very particularly with your pronouncement in the sense of a pre-1949 period and a post-1949 period. And the quotes you have given in your PS are very appropriate for understanding the kind of people Mr. Gurdjiff addressed his boot to. Will.

      • Gregory says:

        Thanks, Will.
        Pre-1949 had a definite aim which has a clear beginning, middle and end in the sending off of BEELZEBUB to the printer. That period, which most Work literature describes and/or elaborates upon is riveting, unusual, and fascinating in its own right. No doubt about it, but it is “kaput” with BEELZEBUB in its final (1949/1950) printed form. In that interval, during the printing process, everyone in relation to the “coming good” became — no matter what their previous formalized associations — equalized in standing. Gurdjieff states all of this in his writings with great clarity.
        Once BEELZEBUB arrives in printed form we are all being presented with an entirely new ballgame. And, if we follow the stated reading instructions, a superb teacher materializes proffering lessons which fluidly accommodate each student’s changing comprehensions.

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