The Sexual Function and Beelzebub’s Tales


Mr. Gurdjieff insisted again and again that sex is a function and an independent function for that matter. He said that it is not necessary to mix the sexual function with the feeling function or the thinking function.  For example, mixing sex with love may help love because then it becomes one of the aspects of love, the love of body. But love of body depends exclusively on type and polarity and it is therefore dependent on cosmic laws. People may spend a whole life engaging in sex without actually having type and polarity on their sides. Maybe that is one of the reasons why so many marriages fail but it is certainly not the only reason because there are many other reasons. Love does not need sex and the proof is that a man can love another man or a woman another woman and even a human can love an animal.  On the other hand, mixing sex with feeling may be sometimes dangerous and harmful because it may very well lead to such abnormalities as masochism, sadism, and fanaticism.  Mixing sex with thinking may also be harmful because it may lead to a thinking that is not productive at all, like falling in a state of continuous and constant argumentation, as it is the case in many members of the intelligentsia. Sex is neutral and we better understand that. 

Of course, there is another dimension here that is marriage and children and all that. Sex in those cases becomes mixed with feeling and sometimes it works for the better and other times it does not work at all. And when children are involved it is even more serious. But it is not necessarily sex that really keeps a marriage going. A recent study by Harvard University shows that only nine percent of marriages are truly happy marriages. And what do you think is the most important factor, the number one factor that makes marriages happy? It is not sex. It is friendship.  Couples that are friends to each other and that share with each other at a friendship level are the happiest. The more couples are connected in an essence friendship, the happier their marriage, is the conclusion of the Harvard study. 

But let’s go back to what Mr. Gurdjieff had to say about the sexual function because this is getting interesting. 

Mr. Gurdjieff said that not only sex is an independent function but a subjective one as well. Some people need more sex than other and I say people because I think it is the same for men that it is for women. The fact is that sex or “love of body “depends exclusively on type and polarity” (Page 361 of the Original 1959 English Edition of Beelzebub’s Tales). Some men need little sex while other men need lots of it and it all depends on cosmic type which is of the essence and not of personality. It is important to understand that the sexual substance, the greatest gift given by Great Nature to man (and woman as well) is ingrained en in our essence. One good example of type and sex is Isaac Newton, the greatest scientist who ever lived, greater than Einstein according to many scientists.  One week before he died he was asked what his greatest achievement in life was, and he had many of them. He immediately replied: “My greatest achievement in life is that I am going to die virgin.” Compare that to another great physicist, the late American Richard Feynman, who was professor of theoretical physics at renowned California Institute of Technology, who used to solve problems of physics while watching topless girls dancing around the tube in a Go-Go bar. Another good example here, by the way, is the pianist Arthur Rubenstein who loved women so much that at age 90 left his wife for a 30 years old woman!  The thing is that sex may be very important for some men and not important at all for other men. It all depends on cosmic type and essence. It is the same for women I suppose; although I leave them speak for themselves.   What is really bad in this sex business, and Mr. Gurdjieff made emphasis on this, is any form of aversion. In matters of sex there is either pleasurable sensation or indifference. Of course, Mr. Gurdjieff also said that that all pleasure is shit but went ahead and had lots of women.  So, what did he really mean by that? I leave the question open for interpretations.

In any case, the use of the sexual substance for the perfecting of the so-called higher being-bodies is the most guarded secret in the Teaching and the Work. Those who know won’t say it and those who don’t know will write books after books on the subject because of lack of honesty and humility in recognizing that they do not know.  In these matters I always go to the source and the source here we all know what it is: The Legominism All and Everything and very specifically Beelzebub’s Tales. Well, my friends, I am sorry to inform you that you will not find the secret in Beelzebub’s Tales.  It is not there. In fact, if we go to page 796 we are told:“Very well, my boy, said Beelzebub. We will talk about the ‘sacred-sacrament-of-the-Serooazar’ when we return to our dear Karatas.”” 

The “sacred-sacrament-of-the-Serooazar” is the process by which sex is used for procreation and for creation. So, if you want to know the secret you better pack your luggage and fly to Karatas. In Beelzebub’s Tales we are only told that the ways to the use of the sexual substance in the formation of higher being-bodies are “conscious labors” and “intentional suffering.” The problem is that these two ways are never spelled out in the book, other than to say that the best form of intentional suffering is to bear the unpleasant manifestations of others. So, my friends, we have to wait until we figure out what “conscious labors” and “intentional suffering” mean to us. I think I have a very good idea of what they mean but it has taken me many years of sweating and cannot give it to you in a matter of few minutes. 

But Mr. Gurdjieff and Beelzebub’s Tales do tell us about one of the most dangerous situations about sex and the use of the sexual substance, namely the practice of abstinence in the process of perfecting our higher being-parts. On page 809 of the Tales we are told about the harmful results arising from a wrong abstinence in “monks.”  Two kinds of harmful results here: Monks who become fat like pigs but are very pleasant and monks who stay thin but become expert cynics. I have to say that I spent four years at a Chan (Zen) meditation center and I could verify in part this situation. Fat monks were nice and thin monks were intriguing. The abbot of the center was very thin and many times approached me and other lay people with this very cynic and sarcastic comment: ”You still practicing sex?” The fat monks all they wanted is to end the sitting meditation so they could go to the basement for refreshments and chat with each other while having a piece of cake . 

Mr. Gurdjieff insisted again and again on the need to get rid of the sexual substance when it is not being used for a higher purpose. He said that not doing it may bring all kinds of nervous and organic diseases. I am now going to share with you something I was told when I was in a Paris group and that I have not been able to confirm first hand from the writings of Mr. Gurdjeiff. One of the group leaders in Paris was a Spaniard who had been in the Work for some twenty years. He had not met Mr. Gurdjieff but was one of the closest student of Henri Tracol who spent some ten years with Mr. Gurdjieff (Tracol was my group leader). This Spaniard and I became very good friends because of our common language. One day while having few beers he told me that he knew that in one meeting with men Mr. Gurdjieff said that the expulsion of the unused sexual substance was so important that if a man had not a woman to do it and needed to do it he should opt for masturbation and that masturbation was preferable to keeping the accumulation of the sexual substance. If anyone reading this post knows something about this I would certainly like to hear your opinion on this matter. I repeat that I never read anything from Mr. Gurdjieff on this matter. 

As an avid student of Beelzebub’s Tales I have done my own research on related matters. I was always struck by what is said on the fourth descent about the time men and women had to exist separated from each other. Of course, there is in all this an allegorical teaching. But what I found very interesting is that at that time men opted for the practice of masturbation and pederast and nothing really abnormal came out of all this. But women, more inventive and creative than men, and of course all this has to do with the manifestations in us of the body or Holy-Denying, went for sex with two brained-beings and the results of this practice were the apes-beings. The allegory here is almost obvious because now we behave like apes, the body commanding “I” instead of being commanded by “I.”  But what I found more interesting was the fact that this abnormality was possible because women or females beings were the active source in this sexual engagement of female three brained-beings and male two brained-beings. What we see here is real adultery because adultery is the mixing of substances of different rates of vibrations, like mixing one kind of wine with another kind of wine.  But more than that what we see here is a great abnormality that takes place when the passive source transforms into active source.

I think that here we have been given, at one of the seven aspects of every complete statement in Beelzebub’s Tales, a hint to a kind of sexual abnormality that is very common in present day civilization. I am referring to the sexual position during the act of making love or having sex between a man and a woman. Magnetic therapy shows that the correct flow of the magnetic substance is from the active pole to the passive pole. I have practiced magnetic therapy and the magnetizer always places himself in front of the person to be magnetized. The only time the magnetizer places himself in the back of the person to be magnetized is during what is called test of sensitivity to check the magnetic sensitivity of the person to be magnetized. This front to front position insures that the flow of the magnetism is counter-clockwise (when looking from behind the magnetizer or active source) and goes from the right shoulder of the magnetizer to the left shoulder of the person to be magnetized and then through the back and the right shoulder to the left shoulder of the magnetizer through his back and then back to the right shoulder. The flow is from active to passive and in a counter-clockwise direction.

One of the benefits of sex is the generation of magnetism or Handbledzoin during the sexual act. This exchange of magnetism between the man and the woman benefits both and it is a form of actual exchange of substance or reciprocal feeding. This Handbledzoin is of great importance for us because among other things it serves to make the connection between the feeling center and the thinking center. It is also the blood of the body Kesdjan, all this from Beelzebub’s Tales. Well, for this exchange of magnetic substance to benefit both members in the sexual act there is one and only one sexual position: The man on top of the woman and face to face. In this position the flow of the magnetism generated by the sexual act is from active to passive and counter-clockwise (when looking from on top of the man on top of the woman). Any other position is abnormal from the point of view of a normal exchange of magnetic substance. The woman on top of the man implies a flow from the passive to the active and the female becomes active while the male is passive. The flow goes from the right shoulder of the female to the right shoulder of the male, which constitutes an inversion of the law of polarity. The male on top of the back of the woman is even worse because the flow now is from right shoulder to right shoulder. In this sense we can see one of the Hasnamussian aspects of Hollywood where in many movies the position shown is the woman on top of the man. There are even jokes about it as the one I heard in a recent movie where one guy tells another: “I prefer women on top. Let them do all the work.” This is an example of an inverted joke. 

For those of us who follow the Living Teaching Mr. Gurdjieff left us in his Legominism All and Everything, and very specifically in Beelzebub’s Tales, the one important question is: how do we use the sexual substance in the perfecting of the higher being-bodies? This is indeed an important question because the perfecting of the higher being-bodies is an important aspect of the Living Teaching. One only has to go to page 60 of Beelzebub’s Tales and look at the first observation Hassein made to his Grandfather: “But I am curious to know whether there dwell three-brained beings on the planets of that solar system and whether higher “being-bodies” are coated in them.”  We know that the book does not give us a clear and specific answer on this matter. We are told that only “conscious labors” and “intentional suffering” can do it. But we are given hints to possible abnormalities respect of our use of the sexual substance and two have already been pointed out here. We should not mix the sexual substance with other functions except when the mixing favors the process of procreation and creation. In this respect, I have observed one abnormality in my own life and I have worked on it. Given the changed that have taken place in women in the last one hundred years with respect to sex we can say that this abnormality now is present in both sexes. I am referring to mixing sex with certain unbecoming being-impulses such as vanity, arrogance, power, domination and so and so. I have observed that having sexual affairs is not necessarily the same as having sex. Sex by itself is a sign of very high development. But when sex becomes a way of having power over the other or a way to satisfy our vanity or ego, then sex is not served and what are served are parts of our lower nature. Sex is natural but when sex serves our lower nature is not natural. In this sense animals are more normal in the natural environment. The other abnormality we have pointed out here is sexual abstinence. 

So, what to do?

I think that the safe thing we can do until we know what to do is to be as safe as possible. This may very well mean sex based on a relationship that not necessarily involves marriage and children but that necessarily involves mutual caring and good friendship.

Best Regards to All,

Will Mesa



About willmesa

I have been studying and working with the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff exposed in his Opus Magnum Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson. The intention of this blog is to share these ideas with people around the world. For more information about me, please search in Google for Will Mesa
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18 Responses to The Sexual Function and Beelzebub’s Tales

  1. Ronbeadle says:

    Very interesting article, thanks for it. I would say that in terms of looking for authentic answers on this touchy topic from an esoteric view, Samael Aun Weor’s books deal explicitly on this matter…especially ‘The Perfect Matrimony’ and ‘The Mystery of the Golden Blossom’. Good luck with the work!

  2. Luca says:

    Good read, everything served and cooked rightly for absorption, TY

  3. Robert Hoogenboom says:

    Astrology can help when trying to understand “love of body depends on type and polarity”, in other words, good sex.

  4. David Morgan says:

    Hi Will

    Yes, I have a good deal of experience with keeping the exioehary (/sexual substance) over long periods of time, and I would tend to agree that this can have quite unpleasant effects if the energy is not put to other use, but these days there is always some other use for me, so the unpleasant effects no longer bother me.. I can understand why Gurdjieff did not go into any great detail on this matter, and whilst I could say a lot more on the matter I would not expound further on it publicly for the simple reason that I think for most people it is irrelevant, and would probably only confuse most of those for whom it is not.. You have some interesting ideas on energy flow between sexual partners that I have not come across quite like this before.. I agree that the most significant factor in a long term man and woman relationship is friendship first and I am blessed to have such a friend. Write me privately if you care to discuss the absitinence vs masturbation (/willy-nilly sexual affairs) conundurum – or is it? 🙂

    Regards, David.

    • willmesa says:

      Hi David, this is not easy to do but it can be done. Are you actively working on the transmutation of the sexual substance?

      • David Morgan says:

        Hi Will

        Yes I have worked on transmuting that sexual substance /energy in varying degrees over the last 30+ yrs or so, and I can think of no greater challenge as it certainly was for many a long moon in my case, having by nature a fairly highly charged libido. I have practiced five Tibetan rites for a number of years and for which there is a sixth rite specifically for transmuting any such excess energies upward through the chakras, and this is most specifically a breathing excercise involving little physical movement, unlike the set of five which are designed to rejuvenate one by speeding up the chakras and bringing them into equilibrium (egual speed) with one another. But anyway, that’s a whole other interesting aspect for me personally – can give a good link on those Tibetans if anyone is interested.

        As to the psychological effects of storing the exioehary that is another matter which would no doubt have been easier for a less highly sexed person than myself, but nay matter, the years went by, turned into decades, and then I came to a place where I didn’t give a fig about ordinary sexual relations I wanted nothing less than Tantra or a partner with equal potential for it, and this incidentally is an aspect that is still a work in a progress, but at age 63 now and with high energy and a pretty reasonable fitness level I don’t feel the need to be in a hurry for anything any more.

        Hi Gregory, sure, come one come all, and thanks for your remarks, and yes I agree there does seem to be a trend developing, the stirring of an undercurrent perhaps, of more and more folk cottoning on to the idea that there is something more to life than the TV and the paradigm resulting from a majority buying into a consensus picture of reality, which just ain’t so, and could therefore perhaps be referred to as a growing avant garde – maybe even an index of new possibilities – out there beyond the far reaches where dualism dissolves 🙂

        Seems you are one of those astrology buffs who is “serious minded,” so all ears to learn any more in that area that I may. Interesting that you and Will are both Nov 5 bdays.. the day of the great gunpowder plot in Westminster. I’ve been told I’m an iconoclast so I’d say we’ll get along fine 😉




  5. Gregory says:

    Hi Will, Too bad you do not have some more-than-passing acquaintance with “serious-minded”, as opposed to “popular”, astrology. Your natal sign Scorpio (which I share with you on our shared November 5 birthday) is quite focused on all matters sexual whether you are consciously aware or it or not. I intuited a subterranean sexual energy thread throughout all of your postings here and elsewhere long before your public announcement of it. (In fact, I had guessed your exact date — but, that is Mr. G’s “doing”, not mine! ; ) ) I think that Scorpionic quality is actually implicitly omnipresent throughout this Living Teaching, as you beautifully refer to it
    Anywhoo, I strongly recommend DISCOVERING GURDJIEFF by Dorothy Phillpotts for its excellent elucidations of the centres, (generally), and Sex Centre (specifically — specifically, Chapter 9 pages 107-114) It is to my mind, the most complete and focused Work literature statement made on the subject. The book also somewhat changed my opinion of Phillpotts’ teacher, the often slip-shod, but erratically “brilliant”—hate that word! — JG Bennett.
    As a Scorpionic sideline to you, avail yourself of James Hillman’s neo-Jungian THE DREAM AND THE UNDERWORLD. I can promise you many insights into mysterious life-problems you’ve experienced and ultimately put up with without a more complete Understanding. Would be happy to discuss that with you privately.
    Thank you David for your honest post. I too have some insight into the transmutation “arena”. I would suggest that there may be more of us out there these days than you think, although the numbers would still be small . If you care to include me in on your discussion with Will, or, indeed just talk with me, I would be much obliged.

    • willmesa says:

      You are correct, Gregory, Transmutation of the sexual substance has been the major part of my work. I have used Beelzebub’s Tales as sort of guide for my work and I am sure that my dealings with the sexual substance is manifested in most, if not all, of my articles. This has been so since my childhood, proving that I am a good Scorpio. I am now going order the book by Dorothy Phillpotss. I am really interested in this topic of the centers and mostly on the matter of sexual center. When I finish reading it I will exchange my impressions with you. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it. Will

      • Gregory says:

        Thank you, Will. I look forward to talking and I will re-read the tract.
        You ARE a Good (as in: thorough and generously effective/affective) Scorpio!
        Since I have been working since childhood as well
        I CAN TELL!
        ; )

  6. Gregory says:

    Hey David
    “Remember, Remember the 5th of November”
    Guy Fawkes, “V is for Vendetta”, and all that. Those of us on 11/05 are, according to some, investigators and presenters of actual facts obfuscated by distortions and other ephemera.
    We are also urged to take healthy risks to stave off rigidity and (self-absorbed) obscurity.
    I’ve asked Will to send you my email address.
    Please use as you see fit.

  7. David Morgan says:

    Mmm… I’m sure Mr Fawkes was grossly misunderstood by most.. about to drop you a line Gregory 🙂

  8. Gregory says:

    The discussions here in the last couple of weeks have stimulated the development of a notion in the holding pattern — ‘halo ‘ — that exists three inches above my head; Higher centers as being the ideational fallout of a deep sensory experience of the various brain centers which rule over specific functions. Likewise, the experiencing of ordinary moving, feeling and thinking centers being an accumulation of sensory data from corresponding ganglia groupings.
    Higher Being Bodies as being the “children” of ideational fallout of a deep feeling experiencings of my emotional interactions and my thought patterns singularly met and mated with the amorphic “ghosting” of withheld exioehary. This subtle stuff creates a sheath for the energies of these two experiencing.
    I am reminded in this of Maurice Nicoll’s statement in his COMMENTARIES: “The higher is experienced through increasing depth”.
    Anybody have thoughts – one way or the other —- in response to this?

  9. Gregory says:

    Right, thank you, Will.
    I’m referring to body Kesdjan only.
    I know the experience I have described, but have confused its definition.

    Is there any validity to the Higher Centers as related to sensing of the brain regions notion ?

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