In part 1 of this trilogy concerning how the two fundamental cosmic laws can help us to study the motion of the trajectory of one’s own search, we examined the Law of Seven or Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh . We saw that this first cosmic law is governed by three well-defined particularities of three of its Stopinders or segments as we also call it in this paper. The first of these three segments is the one located between the third center of gravity (note MI) and the fourth center of gravity (note FA) and it is called segment of self-help for the reason that it is through this segment that the seeker receives help from outside. The second of these three segments with singular characteristics is the one between the four center of gravity (note FA) and the sixth center of gravity (note LA). It is known as Fifth of the law and it is very critical because in the operation of the law this segment can produce results “opposite to each other.” And the fourth segment with distinctive particularity is the last segment of the octave located between the sixth center of gravity (note LA) and the last center of gravity (note SI). It is known as the segment of self-help because of the crossing demands efforts coming from the concentration in which the law is operating. More on all this when we get to part 3 of the trilogy.


There are two formulations of the Law of Three or Triamazikamno in Beelzebub’s Tales. The first formulation is given on page 139 of the book as follows:

“A law which always flows into a consequence and becomes the cause of subsequent consequences, always functions by three independent and quite opposite characteristic manifestations, latent within it, in properties neither seen nor sensed.”

This formulation shows the phenomenal nature of the Law of Three. That is why this law has been called the law of phenomena.” This formulation also shows the intrinsic mystery of the law which makes the law to manifest “in properties neither seen nor sensed.” This is what is also called as the mystery of the Holy Trinity.

The second formulation is found on page 751 as follows:

“… the higher blends with the lower in order to actualize the middle and thus becomes either higher for the preceding lower, or lower for the succeeding higher;[1]

I have formulated this law in my own words:

Every new realization derives itself from previous realizations through a process of fusion in which participates three orders of independent substances.

The process of fusion occurs in this way: the substance of higher or first order (carrier of the active principle) unites with the substance of lower or second order (carrier of the passive principle) resulting in the substance of the middle or third order. For a new realization, the substance of the middle order becomes either the substance of higher order for the preceding lower or the substance of lower order for the succeeding higher. The process is continued in this manner in a chain of realizations, along a trajectory that conforms in its totality of aspects to the operation of the Law of Seven or first cosmic law. The description above is for an evolutionary or ascending trajectory.

It is of the utmost importance to understand that the substance of this third order not only is the result of the fusion of the other two, but it is also the intervening factor in the formation of new realizations.

The three independent substances participating in every new realization have been known as: the first order substance as a positive substance; the second order substance as a negative substance; and the third order substance as a neutral substance however, each of the three independent substances can be the carrier of any one of the three independent forces.

­The prime emanation of our Most Holy Sun Absolute also acquires the characteristic operation of the Law of Three. The Holy Force contained in this prime emanation – Theomertmalogos – manifests itself as three independent forces known as: Holy-Affirming or Holy-First Force; Holy-Denying or Holy-Second Force; and Holy-Reconciling or Holy-Third Force. No one of the three forces is superior to the other two. Their relative importance abides in the fact that when they participate concurrently a complete realization is obtained. More specifically, and this point must be emphasized, is that it is the presence of the third independent force – the Holy-Reconciling – that is the determining factor in the arising of a new or complete realization or phenomenon.

For instance, in the artificial formation of bread, three independent substances serving as sources of the three independent principles of the Law of Three participate. The affirming principle is carried by the totality of substance composing water; the denying principle is carried by the totality of substances composing the flour obtained from the wheat grain; and the substance resulting from the process of burning or from fire carries the neutralizing principle. The mixtures of water and flour alone will produce a temporal mixture or dough, which in the given case results in a partial realization. If this mixture is baked over fire, then, because of the intervention of the neutralizing principle of the Law of Three, a permanent fusion is obtained as a result of which the new totality of substances derived from the water, the flour and the fire, namely, the bread, becomes a new or complete realization. It is also important to notice that the quality of the bread produced will depend on the subjective quality of the Stopinders, which the process must move through in order to bring about a manifestation.

Another example that clearly shows how the actualized middle participates in the formation of new realizations is the process of Nature known as the continuation of the species. The male sexual substance (carrier of the active principle) blends with the female sexual substance (carrier of the passive principle) to actualize the middle substance. This middle or third substance is in the form of a new being. If the third substance or new being is male, then it becomes the active substance or first substance for further realizations. If the third substance or new being is female, then it becomes the passive substance or second substance for further realizations. In either case, continuation of the species is ensured.

The importance of the Law of Three is the fact that the third force results from the blending of the two other forces, the passive and the active. But it goes beyond that because this third force transforms itself into either passive or active during further involutionary or evolutionary processes.

We can practically with this fact and also the fact that each one of the three forces finds a particular place for channeling its action in the human organism of three-brained beings. The passive or holy-denying force is channeled through the part of the organism known as the spine. The active or holy-affirming force is channeled through the part of the body known at the head brain. And finally the resulting (from the blending of the two other forces) is deposited or channeled through what is known in the organism as the solar plexus.

In a practical application in us of the Law of Three, we can see that our holy-denying is always manifested through the spine while the holy-affirming is manifested through the head. If we can understand this fact and struggle in the right direction, that is to say, striving for the blending of these two forces, the result will be the third force. This third force or holy-reconciling will then participate as denying force or affirming force in further in further evolutional process.

To be continued with part three on the motion of the actual trajectory of one’s search according to the two fundamental cosmic laws…..

[1] Gurdjieff, Beelzebub’s Tales p 751.




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