The Great Essence-Loving Ashiata Shiemash: A Prophet from the Present and the Future

What I would like to do here in this blog post is to show that Ashiata Shiemash is a prophet from the present and the future and not from the past. This is very important to understand because it tells us that Ashaiata Shiemash really represents a New Consciousness for the planet Earth.

Beelzebub’s Tales (BTTHG) is an objective work of art. As such it must contain lawful and intentional inexactitudes (by lawful and intentional it is meant that they have intentionally been placed according to the Law of Seven). Furthermore, in these inexactitudes great objective knowledge is placed.

I have discovered a number of lawful and intentional inexactitudes in BTTHG and the one I want to address now is the one concerning Ashiata Shiemash. I will now show how this Messenger from Above constitutes an inexactitude in the chronology of the book and then I will show how this inexactitude is lawfully and intentionally placed at the most critical point in the Law of Seven of the book.

The key to this proof is this paragraph on page 353 of BTTHG:

<i>“All the sacred Individuals here before me, especially and intentionally actualized from Above, have always endeavored while striving for the same aim to accomplish the task laid upon them through one or other of those three sacred ways for self-perfecting, foreordained by OUR ENDLESS CREATOR HIMSELF, namely, through the sacred ways based on the being-impulses called ‘Faith,’ ‘Hope,’ and ‘Love’”.

This statement contains a contradiction and it is by the way of contradiction (a very powerful mathematical tool in theorem proving) that the chronological inexactitude is proved. Here is the contradiction:

The ways of “Faith,” “Hope” and “Love” are specifically and unambiguously identified in the book as the way of the full-of-faith Saint Lama, the way of the full-of-hope Mohammed, and the way of the full-of-Love Divine Jesus Christ. Furthermore, no Sacred Individual in the book before Ashiata Shiemash is identified with any of these three ways. It is obvious that the statement above presents a contradiction and that Ashiata Shiemash could not have existed before Divine Jesus, Mohammed, and Saint Lama.

Ergo: Ashiata Shiemash is a prophet from the present and from the future and not from the past.

The proof is further corroborated by the fact that Ashiata Shiemash introduces the way of Conscience after having determined that the ways of “Faith,” “Hope,” and “Love” had deteriorated as valid ways of self-perfecting.

How could Ashiata Shiemash have made this determination if the three ways had not yet been introduced when He made the determination, at least not in the context of BTTHG?: This is another fragrant contradiction. The only plausible answer is that Ashiata Shiemash is from the present and from the future.

Observe that I am not saying that an organization of initiates like the Ashiatan organization or “Ashiatan renewals” never existed in the past. Even official history acknowledges periods of enlightenment in the course of humanity’s historical development. What I am saying is that Ashiata Shiemash, as He is presented in BTTHG, is from the present and the future and not from the past.

I will now show why Ashiata Shiemash constitutes a lawful and intentional inexactitude, as dictated by the wise provisions of the “Club-of-Adherents-of-Legominism.”

I have said many times before that the fundamental Law of Seven of the book is formed by the six descents of Beelzebub to Earth. Each descent of Beelzebub is a Stopinder in the fundamental Law of Seven of the book.

Each center of gravity of each Stopinder is the particular and specific cause for each one of the six descents. In this way we have six Stopinders and six centers of gravities. Each center of gravity is different from the other and each Stopinder of the law has a specific subjective property, all in accordance with the operational characteristics of the Law of Seven. I must add that in this context I once asked the question: What is the seventh Stopinder? That is to say, what is the Stopinder of return or the one that gives completion to the fundamental octave of the book? I even gave a hint: The seventh Stopinder is also a descent.

Well, the Teaching of Ashiata Shiemash is placed in the fifth Stopinder (fifth descent) of the book. This is the most critical Stopinder of the Law according to BTTHT. Observe that I am not saying that Ashiata Shiemash exists during the fifth descent. I am saying that He and His teaching are presented during the fifth descent or fifth Stopinder. This is even more significant as far as the fundamental Law of Seven the book is concerned. We know that according to the operational characteristics of the Law of Seven the subjective action of the fifth Stopinder is the only one that can give results “opposite to each other” (P.791). That is why Ashiata Shiemash and His teaching of Objective Conscience had to be placed in the fifth Stopinder of the Law of Seven of the book. How else could Lentrohamsanin, who is the opposite of Ashiata Shiemash, have been introduced in the book? Everything in the book is written according to the Law of Seven. (By the way, the name Lentrohamsanin is another proof that Ashiata  Shiemash is a prophet from the present and the future and not from the past. This name is an anagram for several well-known names of people who lived in the times of Mr. Gurdjieff (Lenin and Stalin are for sure; Hitler and Trotsky maybe possible). Lentrohamsanin stands for those Hasnamusses or candidate Hasnamusses that will try to distort the teaching of Mr. Gurdjieff now and in the future.)

I will conclude by saying that in this lawful and intentional inexactitude of Ashiata Shiemash is contained the most important teaching in the book: The Teaching on the awakening of the Divine Impulse of Objective Conscience (See my post Conscience is the Way).

In the Spirit of Ashiata,

Will Mesa


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I have been studying and working with the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff exposed in his Opus Magnum Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson. The intention of this blog is to share these ideas with people around the world. For more information about me, please search in Google for Will Mesa
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