My Newest Project Related to Beelzebub’s Tales

It is my experience after more than 35 years in the Living Teaching G. I. Gurdjieff brought to humanity that exchanging with women has been ten times more profitable for me personally than exchanging with men. In fact, now that I finally retired from some forty years teaching electrical engineering in universities around the world, and that I moved from snowy New York to sunny Florida, an idea has come to my mind.. Stimulated by a climate that well corresponds to my childhood in Cuba, an extraordinary new idea crossed my mind. As a result of this idea, I am now embarked in a long new project with the title:

  “Twelve Remarkable Women I Have Met in the Living Teaching of Mr. Gurdjieff.”

Here is the  complete list of the dozen women covered in my project, in the order I met them in Life:

1.  Nathalie Ethievan

2.   Dushka Howorth

3.  Bonnie Phillips

4.   Toddy Smyth

5.   Conti Canseco

6.   Sophia Wellbeloved

7.   Kristina Turner

8.   Mani Gerlach

9.  Marcela Huepe

10. Angelica Sarkisyan

11. Tatiana Rovner

12. Tiffany Bridges Barnes

For those who are not familiar with some of these names, I would mention very specially the first three ladies in the list.

The late Nathalie Ethievan is the daughter of the well-known, the late Mme. de Salzmann. Nathalie was responsible for spreading the Living Teaching of Mr. Gurdjieff throughout Latin America and very particularly in Venezuela where she lived. It was there that I was her disciple for seven straight years and learned a lot from her very personal approach to spreading this teaching.

The late Dushkah Howarth was the daughter Mr. Gurdjiaff had with Jessmin Howarth , a member of the dancing group through which Mr. Gurdjieff spread his knowledge of sacred dances and movements. I visited Dushka in her apartment in New York many times and had the honor and privilege of being the last person in her life who spoke to her in private and for a rather long time, few hours before she became “unconscious” for three days before she finally rendered her soul to God. For a record of the personal conversation I had with Dushka, you can go to this link:

Bonnie Phillips is the founder of the Fifth Press which specializes in publishing books about Beelzebub’s Tales and of the Golden Rule Project. She also founded a Beelzebub’s Tales group in Salt Lake City where she resides. Here are links to the Fifth Press and the Golden Rule Project:

I am now in the process of contacting those women in order to ask them for permission to write about them, with the exception of course of the late Nathalie and Dushka. Five of them, namely, Mani, Kristina, Angelica, Marcela, and Tatiana have already responded favorably. I am sure others will agree with the project.   The main focus of the project will be on how this dozen women have been responsible, each one in her own peculiar way, to the spreading of the Living Teaching Mr. Gurdjieff brought to humanity in his Legomnism All and Everything and very particularly Beelzebub’s Tales. However, I will also touch on how working and exchanging with this group of women have influenced me personally, in what respect to my development and the work on myself.

Finally, you will notice from the very name of the title of this project that I use the expression Living Teaching instead of the most used expression in the Gurdjieff community The Work. This, of course is a personal choice based on  the fact that for me the future of what Mr. Gurdjieff brought to humanity is in his Living Teaching and not The Work, a term Mr. Gurdjideff himself never used when he was alive and wanted to refer to his personal mission. He always used the expression “my ideas” or “my teaching.” In about two months I will be presenting a paper at the 2012 International All and Everything Humanity Conference to take place in Salt Lake City. So that you will have a better idea of what I am writing here, I will give a link to the abstract of my talk:

Thanks for your attention to this post and I will keep updates of it from time to time here in this post.

Regards to All

Will Mesa


About willmesa

I have been studying and working with the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff exposed in his Opus Magnum Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson. The intention of this blog is to share these ideas with people around the world. For more information about me, please search in Google for Will Mesa
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4 Responses to My Newest Project Related to Beelzebub’s Tales

  1. Why only twelve women?

    • willmesa says:

      Hi Josefina There are for sure many more remarkable women in the world at large but I am only writing about the ones I have met in the Living Teaching of Mr. Gurdjieff.

  2. Hi Josefina
    There are for sure many more remarkable women in the world at large but I am only writing about the twelve I have met in Living Teaching of Mr. Gurdjieff.
    Thanks for your comments.
    Will Mesa

  3. jan jarvis says:

    I left you a FB message but perhaps you didn’t see it. If you are interested in corrections done to the 1933 Russian edition of Beelzebub, the one used to publish the 1950 BTTHG-then you may email me at am in possession of the typescript for the moment-regards–jan jarvis

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