A Note on the Results Obtained from Intentional Suffering

…and the greatest intentional-suffering can be obtained in your presences if you compel yourselves to be able to endure the ‘displeasing-manifestations-of-others-towards-yourselves’

and so that by frequently producing in their presences this sacred being-actualization toward the manifestations displeasing to them of other beings similar to themselves, there might thereby be evoked in them what are called those ‘Trentroodianos,’ or, as they themselves would say, those ‘psychic-chemical-results’ which, in general, in the presence of every three-centered being, form those sacred being-data, which actualizes in the common presence of the three-centered beings, one of the three holy forces of the sacred being-Triamazikamno; and this holy force in beings always becomes affirming towards all the denying properties already present in them…

Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, p. 242-243.

The more I reflect on the material contained in Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, the more I am amazed at the incredible and thorough knowledge our dear grandfather Beelzebub has about all and everything. All and every experience we may possible experience in this life, in the form of thoughts, feelings, and sensations, are to be found in the book. All the cosmological, biological, and psychological knowledge we need for this life is also to be found in the book. As the author himself put it, “For example, in Beelzebub, I know there is everything one must know. It is a very interesting book. Everything is there. All that exists, all that existed, all that can exist. The beginning, the end, all the secrets of the creation of the world; all is there.”

I am no longer reading The Tales the way I used to do it for almost thirty years. I now let the material I studied for years to work through me.  I try to relate my work in life to the material in the book. In this sense, I sometimes go through an experience that I later can relate to something I read in the past. In this brief note I describe an experience that I was able to relate to the paragraphs from The Tales above quoted.

I was having negative emotions towards a colleague at the university where I teach. This professor is well known around for his offensive remarks during faculty meetings. (He has been advised to attend sensitivity training programs but has always refused and since he is a tenured professor no other way is available to deal with him). During one particular faculty meeting, he referred to me by saying that I had not done something I was supposed to have done. His remark immediately stirred negative feelings in me. It was not the first time this has happened but this time my life of reaction became the center of gravity for hours to come.

That evening while driving home I was submerged in my negative feelings. Why had he told me that in front of my other colleagues? Why had he not called me apart and let me know what he thought about me? These were the questions I was asking myself with my feelings more than my thoughts. The negative feelings lasted the rest of the evening and I went to bed with them.

The next morning, during my morning sitting, I could see how the negative feelings were coming back, proving that old devils know how to reincarnate. I felt very uncomfortable and all I wanted was to get rids of all those bad feelings; but I could not do it. I was the slave of my feelings. It was a bad sitting.

I drove to work with my heavy load. After I arrived to my office, my state of being began to change. My thoughts began to separate themselves from my feelings. For the first time in almost twenty-four hours I was able to think. One of the first thoughts that came to my mind was the idea I had read so many times about enduring the displeasing manifestations of others towards oneself. My thoughts became focus and sharp, to the point that my negative feelings were gone. The more I thought the more my power of reasoning somehow was amplified. It was as if the energy that had been driving my negative feelings had transformed itself and was now driving my power of reasoning. Through my mind passed a detailed review of all the moments I had thought on enduring the displeasing manifestations of others towards oneself. I concluded with a final and simple thought: Given the fact that I had to share part of my life with this person, the source of my negative feelings, I had better get used to endure his displeasing manifestations towards me. At that very instant this simple realization became fixed in my being. I felt liberation. And I also felt sort of an electric current moving through my head accompanied by a pleasant sensation. I felt so light and good that I even thought of searching for my colleague and thank him for having given me the opportunity to work on myself. That day I gave one of my best lectures. Never again I experienced negative feelings towards my colleague and from that day on I saw him as a friendly person. I have to add that the object of my negative feelings did not change; it was my attitude towards the object that changed.

That evening while driving home I still felt good and my thoughts were still active and clear, although not as powerful as in the morning. I became centered on the phenomenon resembling an electric current that had passed through my head during my morning experience. By association I remembered that I had read in The Tales something about some “psychic chemical results” but I could not pinpoint the exact context in which these words had been used. I resolved to consult my copy of The Tales as soon as I got home.

At home I went straight to the Guide & Index to Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson and searched under “psychic chemical results.”  Unfortunately, there is nothing listed under these words. (I later checked again and found out that the entry under which these words appear is “Trentroodianos;” but who could remember this word and its connection with the other three words). I had to search in The Tales. Fortunately, by now I have a good feeling as to where different materials are more or less located in the book. It was not too difficult to find the place where the words I was searching for are located. I read pages 242 and 243 from which the two quotes from The Tales at the opening of this article are taken.  What surprised and elated me the most was the connection made between “psychic-chemical-results” and “intentional suffering” through enduring the displeasing manifestations of others towards oneself. I now had a confirmation of my experience of that morning.

I felt real satisfaction. For the third time in my life I had been able to verify a concrete experience using the material in The Tales.


About willmesa

I have been studying and working with the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff exposed in his Opus Magnum Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson. The intention of this blog is to share these ideas with people around the world. For more information about me, please search in Google for Will Mesa
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2 Responses to A Note on the Results Obtained from Intentional Suffering

  1. Scott says:

    Thanks for sharing Will. I feel a “bond of brotherhood” by your sharing; by opening up to others. Maybe that is even a clue as to how and why school’s are most often necessary, albeit only a sliver. You had a real result from the practice, and I, simply reading of it, feel benefitted. I feel stronger – Work stronger, body stronger. So, I can imagine that if 40 people were living and working together, energy would accumulate and could be used for this, our purpose. Whereas, most often, we are alone, and without a school; we live in pure imagination. We are deluded. We think we are doing something, but only when we have a real input can we see where we were and what we are. It gives us perspective, without which, we have no compass. Thank you.

    • willmesa says:

      Greetings Scott

      Thanks for your comments. They are appreciated.

      I have found out that the best school is Life. I have said many times before and repeat it again that Life is Above the Work.

      Warm regards,


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