Why We Need a Mirror

 We need a mirror because we cannot penetrate our subconscious with our ordinary consciousness or fictitious consciousness, as Mr. Gurdjieff called it. “That would be like bringing a bicycle onto a jet plane!” as a commentator to the previous post well pointed out. The reason is really very simple as stated in the Prime Directive of Beelzebub’s Tales (BTTHG): Too many views and beliefs rooted in our ordinary mentation and feelings. This views and beliefs now constitute what is called our subjective reason. Our factitious consciousness is the awareness of our subjective reason. We need another reason and for this other reason to emerge in us we need Conscience and Conscience is now in our subconscious. Objective reason without Conscience is a dead end. The Divine Impulse of Objective Conscience is the Real Consciousness. This is the very heart of the New Teaching Mr. Gurdjieff brought to humanity and that has nothing to do with what people call the Work. For the Work, he prepared a number of instructors who more or less fulfilled their duties. Now, they are dead or dying and what is called the Work is fast involving into a rigid-organized-dead Church, much as what happened to the Church after the Gnostics were crushed. All this is according to Law: A movement arises and the organizing static force follows.  That is why Mr. Gurdjieff terminated the “Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man” and went into the writing of All and Everything, particularly BTTHG. Many leaders of the so-called Gurdjieff groups and Foundations have wondered again and again why Mr. Gurdjieff wrote BTTHG the way he did and during my first ten years in the Foundations we read BTTHG only once while In Search of the Miraculous (ISOM) was read on a weekly basis. I know things have changed in the last few years but I also know that many Work people claim that reading BTTHG is all mental when the only thing that is mental is reading ISOM.

BTTHG is like a cosmic Koan. It stops and suspends our ordinary thinking process. When it is said that our Sun neither lights nor heats, we have no ready answers for that statement but are forced to ponder with another mentation. When it teaches about self-observation by the way of example and not formulations, it also stops and suspends our ordinary way of thinking which arises when we are giving a description of what self-observation is, as is done in so many of the so-called Work books. We then are left with the complacence that we understand what self-observation is. The material in the book forces us to go deeper into where Conscience is buried. Then there is Hope of real consciousness which is strength.

BTTHG and the entire All and Everything was written in such a way that it contains self-guards against involution according to Law. For that Mr. Gurdjieff invented lies, contradictions, inexactitudes, conjuries, and fairy tales. Anyone attempting to tramp with all that, will fail miserably.

Of course, if all this is just high titillating titillation, then it is what it is and the titillator will pay for the consequences of titillation. But if all this becomes material for work, real work, then it is also what it is and the consequences will follow the law of cause and effects. Everything is according to Law. It is like Mr. Gurdjieff told to Solita Solano when she reported to him a year later after he had given her an assignment concerning the Law of Three in BTTHG: “You initiated yourself.” Yes, the material in the book helps us to initiate ourselves. And in the process we are bound to make mistakes; but if we keep listening to the material in the book, that is to say, to our subconscious that is reflected in the book, our mistakes will be readdressed because we will be touching the impulse Conscience and that is the Guide, the only veritable Guide we have. Beelzebub made one blunder after another and continued his work notwithstanding. Conscience is the same in all individuals. If Conscience were different in different individuals, there will never be objective morality and objective justice on Earth. Conscience is the same everywhere because Conscience is the REPRESENTATIVE OF THE CREATOR in us and there can be no different CREATORS: There is only one GOD; there is only one Conscience

The Awakening of the Divine Impulse of Objective Conscience is the Real and True Fourth Way. This is precisely the new approach to religion that Mr. Gurdjieff brought to us. The whim of Mr. Gurdjieff all his life was to bring a new conception of God. With his teaching on Objective Conscience he did that. The Living Teaching he brought in All and Everything is the teaching for the future of humanity; the Work as we know it now will then be another dinosaur.

Beelzebub’s Tales is a mirror where the Divine Impulse of Objective Conscience now buried in our subconscious is reflected. We need a mirror.




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I have been studying and working with the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff exposed in his Opus Magnum Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson. The intention of this blog is to share these ideas with people around the world. For more information about me, please search in Google for Will Mesa
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